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Event schedule


November 3rd

Day 1
Cutting-Edge Responsive Web Design For Mobile
Odin Keynote
  • Vitaly Friedman Smashing Magazine

Building component-driven UIs
Odin iOS
  • John Sundell Spotify

Building Native Apps in C#/.Net with Xamarin
Freyja Cross-platform
  • Christian Falch Falch AS

Safe vs Deep integration of Realm
Thor Android
  • Viraj Tank Sociomantic Labs

Leverage the power of native with Progressive Web Apps
Odin Mobile Web
  • Abraham Williams Bendyworks

  • Pearl Latteier Bendyworks

Your phone is snitching on you
Freyja Security
  • Rustam Mehmandarov Computas

Stop pushing users away
Thor UX
  • Marcos Placona Twilio

Lunch Break
Move Fast with React Native
Odin Cross-platform
  • Christina Lee Pinterest

Multi-threading, concurrency and async on Android
Freyja Android
  • Erik Hellman Hellsoft

Swift on the Backend
Thor iOS
  • Øyvind Tangen BEKK

Artifical Intelligence & Design. The End of User Experience as we know it?
Odin UX
  • Agnieszka Walorska Creative Construction Heroes GmbH

You can do better with Kotlin
Freyja Android
  • Svetlana Isakova JetBrains

Use Xamarin + Azure App Service to build better apps
Thor Cross-platform
  • Jens Gorm Rye-Andersen Sopra Steria

Building outside of the sandbox
Odin iOS
  • Orta Therox Artsy & CocoaPods

How we made a smartphone in Norway
Freyja Hardware
  • Arne-Christian Blystad BARTEC PIXAVI

Make it count - Design & develop apps with Fuse
Thor Cross-platform
  • Remi Pedersen Fusetools

Mobile DevOps: The road to success
Odin Cross-platform
  • Karoline Klever Microsoft

And then my phone became smarter: A Journey into the Awareness API
Freyja Android
  • Syrine Trabelsi Deezer

  • François Blavoet Deezer

Is your app secure?
Thor Security
  • Thomas Pettersen Mesan AS

  • Anders Ullnæss Mesan AS

Party at MESH 🎉🍻

The best time to talk with speakers and attendees. Party is at Mesh, Tordenskiolds gate, Oslo.


November 4th

Day 2
Loving Lean Layouts
Odin Android
  • Huyen Tue Dao Trello

Swift rEvolution
Freyja iOS
  • Kostiantyn Koval Agens

Building mobile apps with NativeScript
Thor Cross-platform
  • Sebastian Witalec Telerik

Developing Location-Based Services App using Beacons
Odin Android/iOS
  • Wei-Meng Lee Learn2Develop

Cross-Platform with SpriteKit
Freyja iOS
  • Alexsander Akers Shutterstock

Rethinking Mobile with Ionic 2
Thor Mobile Web
  • Mike Hartington Ionic

Static Analysis in iOS
Odin iOS
  • Dulma Churchill Facebook

Can everyone use your app?
Freyja Cross-platform
  • Tom Widerøe FINN.no

  • Sofia Hussain FINN.no

Increase productivity with Design patterns, Libraries and Tools
Thor Android
  • Viraj Tank Sociomantic Labs

Lunch Break
Lightning Talk
We are ditching Xamarin. Why?
Odin Cross-platform
  • Konstantin Loginov NorApps

Will it rain? How we made a weather widget in two days of innovation at NRK
Freyja Android
  • Anders Ullnæss Mesan AS

Red Hat Mobile Application Platform for rapid development of enterprise mobile applications
Thor Cross-platform
  • Bill Morkan Red Hat

Lightning Talk
Pitfalls and best practices in Interface Building
Odin iOS
  • Andreas Petrov Giant Leap Technologies

Not ready to quit your day job? How to succeed with hobby projects.
Freyja Cross-platform
  • Christian Aamodt Bouvet

When common sense is not enough: Insights from usertesting at Telenor (Min Bedrift 2.0)
Thor UX
  • Ekaterina Orlova Accenture

Lightning Talk
Tedious deployment tasks simplified with Fastlane
Odin iOS
  • Terje Lønøy Sopra Steria AS

Filtering and predicate on Android
Freyja Android
  • Johannes Dvorak Lagos Shortcut

When management orders an app
Thor Cross-platform
  • Håvard Hvassing Shortcut

Offline first and search on steroids with Couchbase Mobile and Elastic Search
Odin Cross-platform
  • Vegard Haugstvedt Itera

Building IoT devices for fun & profit
Freyja IoT
  • Jan Jongboom ARM

Toothpick: A fresh approach to Dependency Injection on Android.
Thor Android
  • Stephane Nicolas Groupon

  • Daniel Molinero Reguera Groupon

The Web or Bust!
Odin Mobile Web
  • István 'Flaki' Szmozsánszky Mozilla / DPC Consulting

Building Easy, Complex UIControls
Freyja iOS
  • Daniel Haight 2Pax

Why we switched to new Firebase
Thor Cross-platform
  • Pavel Kurnosov Your.MD

Socializing at Beer Palace 🍻

The conference is over, but if you still would like to discuss mobile topics with fellow attendees, we recommend going to Beer Palace on Aker Brygge.