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About us

Mobile Era is organized by a team of enthusiasts across several technology companies in Oslo. We're passionate about developing mobile apps and want to see a kick-ass event in Oslo for people like ourselves. The organizing committee consists of developers who are also active in organizing open events, conferences and meetups in the Oslo developer community.

Although we do this mostly in our spare time and for the fun of it, the conference would not have been possible without our generous sponsors.

The conference organization is a non-profit legal organization registered as MOBILE ERA CONFERENCE with organization number 917 217 025. Any profit from the conference will be used for next years event.

Founders and managers

Johannes Brodwall

General Manager
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Maxim Salnikov

Technical Manager
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Øivind Jorfald

Venue Manager
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Hampus Nilsson

Program coordinator
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Konstantin Koval

Speakers manager
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Organizers and Contributors

Anum Qudsia


Ekaterina Orlova

Volunteers coordinator

Tatiana Lochehina


Kjell Gustavsen


Jens Gorm Rye-Andersen


Konstantin Loginov

Workshops coordinator

Darija Sapozenkova-Hauge

Graphic profile (contributor)

Lasse Magnussen

Program selection (contributor)

Kristina Simakova

Program selection (contributor)

Our Passionate Volunteers

  • Omar Faruk
  • Haavard Gulbrandsen
  • Lars Føleide
  • Francois Dymond
  • Gábor Orosz
  • Abdul Majeed Alizai
  • Ewa Kabza
  • Justyna Szynkiewicz
  • Stefan Völker - Video Recording
  • Noor Dawod - Photographer
  • Scott Kvitberg - Photographer